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>mp3< Use the direct link to the mp3 file to download it. The files are rather large, as all mp3s are the recordings of the complete set played in the concert. No edits or arranging, just the way it was!

_35: 09 February 2010 :7pm

Phil Durrant (laptop), Aleks Kolkowski (Stroh violin, Edison phonograph, Tannoy horn and musical saw) & David Toop  (flute, guitar & electronics)

Christoph Schiller (spinet) & Sebastian Lexer (piano+)

Ute Kanngiesser (cello) , David O'Connor (sax) & Eddie Prévost (percussion)

_34: 09 January 2010 :7pm

Paul Abbott (electr), Seymour Wright (sax) Daichi Yoshikawa (electr)

Ross Lambert

Jean-Luc Guionnet (sax) & Eddie Prévost (perc)

_33: 07 December 2009 :7pm >top<

Jamie Coleman (trumpet)

Taku Unami

Sebastian Lexer (piano+), Eddie Prévost (perc) & Seymour Wright (sax)

_32: 21 November 2009 :7pm

Following on from the Interlace concert on the 1st June 2009 that featured combinations of piano and saxophone, this installment focussed on different ways of combining piano, strings and electronics. Each individual's relationship with their instrument - and how their particular approaches and interactive skills are deployed in the context of particular trios - did doubtless produce some very interesting, and inevitably unique, results. read review

Jennifer Allum (violin), Philip Somervell (piano) & Daichi Yoshikawa (electr)

Paul Abbott (electr), Ute Kanngiesser
(cello) & Sebastian Lexer (piano+)

Marjolaine Charbin (piano), Grundik Kasyansky
(electr) & Guillaume Viltard (double bass)

_31: 31 October 2009 :7pm *

Sylvia Hallett (violin/voice/electr.), Thomas Kumlehn (flute/vocal), John White (electronics) & Jerry Wigens (guitar/clarinet)

John Lely (unspec.), Tim Parkinson (unspec.)

Walter Cardew Group
Walter Cardew (e-guitar), Horace Cardew (woodwind),
Androniki Liokoura (piano),
Celia Lu (voice) & Jennifer Raven (flutes)

* Many thanks to Jerry  Wigens for curating this programme.

_30: 18 July 2009 :7pm

Tom Mudd (Max/MSP) & Lawrence Williams (Sax) >mp3< >mp3< >mp3<

Kaj David (piano + Max/MSP) & E. Lorien Spinelli (Laptop and processed objects)

Jane Dickson (Piano + Max/MSP)

I-Chin Li (piano + Max/MSP), Chien-Chun Li (vocal), Ryo Ikeshiro (guitar + Max/MSP) & Guillaume Viltard (db)

Jonathan McHugh (Max/MSP) & Mark Wastell (Tam tam)

_29: 01 June 2009 :7.30pm

a special edition which featured three saxophone and piano duos. read review

Seymour Wright (sax) & Sebastian Lexer (piano+) >mp3<

John Butcher (sax) & John Tilbury (piano) >mp3<

Bertrand Gauguet (sax) & Frederic Blondy (piano) >mp3<

_28: 31 May 2008 :7pm >top<

Mike Bullock (banjo, electr.), Jamie Coleman (trmp), Angharad Davies (vln), John Lely (unspec.), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Seymour Wright (sax)

The Lawn
Trinity College of Music Improv group
Directed by Mark Lockheart

_27: 24 May 2008 :7pm

Sebastian Lexer (pno+), Guillaume Vittard (db) & Jerry Wigens (clnt)

I-Chin Li (piano + laptop), Junjun Li (voice) & Tom Mudd (laptop)

From Honey to Ashes
Mick Grierson, Jeremy Keenan, Matt Lewis & Edgar Curtis (laptops)

_26: 23 Feb 2008 :7pm

Jamie Coleman (trmp), Ross Lambert (gt), John Lely (unspec.), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Seymour Wright (sax) >mp3<

Frédéric Blondy (pno), Bertrand Gauguet (sax)& Martine Altenburger (cello) >mp3<

Martine Altenburger, Frédéric Blondy, Jamie Coleman, Bertrand Gauguet, Ross Lambert, John Lely, Sebastian Lexer & Seymour Wright >mp3<

_25: 26 Jan 2008 :7pm

Norman Adams (cello) & Christopher Redgate (oboe) >mp3<

Oli Mayne (synth) & James O'Sullivan (guit) >mp3<

Norman Adams (cello, electr), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Eddie Prévost (perc) >mp3<

Christopher Redgate (oboe, cor anglais) (3 pieces) >mp3< >mp3< >mp3<

_24: 08 Dec 2007 :7pm >top<

James Coleman (trmp) & Grundik Kasyansky (electr) >mp3<

Adam Asnan (laptop), James Holcombe (electr) & Antoine Francoise (sax) >mp3<

Seymour Wright (sax)

Goldsmiths Electronic Orchestra >mp3<

_23: 14 July 2007 :7pm

Publican Enemy >mp3<
Roger Redgate (amplified violin), John Lely (unspecified), Sebastian Lexer (pno+), Darío Bernal Villegas (dr) & Matthew Wright (turntables)

Tisha Mukarji (pno) & Mark Wastell (tamtam) >mp3<

Ross Lambert (guit) & Jerry Wigens (cla) >mp3<

_22: 23 June 2007 :7pm

Ute Wassermann (vocals, bird calls)
Aleks Kolkowski (stroh viola, stroh cello, lame sonore (fr. musical saw))
Duo improvisations. Celebrating the release of their debut recording Murmelndes Lüftchen on seven things
+ An Edison phonograph wax cylinder interlude by Recording Angels
>mp3< >mp3<

Jonathan Chen (violin, stroh violin, electronics & projections)
New works for solo violin + video >mp3< >mp3< >mp3< >mp3<

_21: 20 June 2007 :8.30pm

'a trio of trios'

Evan Parker (saxophone), Marcio Mattos (cello) & John Edwards (double bass)
Rhodri Davies (harp), Ross Lambert (acoustic guitar) & Matt Samson (laptop)
Benedict Drew (laptop), Louisa Martin (laptop) & Seymour Wright (alto sax)

Three newly convened trios tapping historical and musical linkages. Parker, Mattos and Edwards have worked together in larger groups but not a trio. Davies’s first experience of improvised music allegedly came from hearing Lambert and Samson’s early 1990s duo ‘orange‘ in Sheffield . The laptops and saxophone trio explores Drew and Martin’s connection through the trio portable (with Davies), and Wright/Drew’s history as a duo.
This concert had been organised by INTERLACE and ONGAKY:enjoy_sound

_20: 14 June 2007 :8.30pm

'man and machine'

Benedict Drew (laptop), Phil Durrant (laptop), John Lely (laptop), Sebastian Lexer (laptop) & Mattin (laptop)

The laptop is a musical instrument being defined. Five of its most innovative pioneers will gather and play together for the first time. Each of them has a drastically different vision of what the new instrument can do and be.
This concert had been organised by INTERLACE and ONGAKY:enjoy_sound

_19: 10 May 2007 :7pm

"Mapping Marble" version for violin and electronics
Barbara Lüneburg - violin, Marko Ciciliani - electronics

_18: 3 + 4 February 2007

9! - Jennifer Allum, Nathaniel Catchpole, Jamie Coleman, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Ross Lambert, John Lely, Sebastian Lexer, Eddie Prévost, Michael Rodgers, Samantha Rebello, Tara Stuckey, Romuald Wadych, Jerry Wigens & Seymour Wright

_17: 16 December 2006 :7 pm >top<

Tom Richards (diy electronics) (additionally Bern Roche Farrelly for the sound installation) >mp3<

Thanos Chrysakis (vibes+electr) & Darío Bernal Villegas (perc.) >mp3<

Matthew Milton (vln) & Tom McKay (diy electr.) >mp3<

Eddie Prévost (drums) & Darío Bernal Villegas (drums) >mp3<

_16: 9 November 2006 :7 pm

The recordings of this concert have been released on Matchless Recordings: MRCD70
This concert had been organised by INTERLACE and ONGAKY:enjoy_sound

Tom Chant (sax), Ross Lambert (gt), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Matthew Milton (vln) >MRCD70<

Jamie Coleman (tr), Mark Wastell (Harmonium) & Seymour Wright (sax) >MRCD70<

AMM (Eddie Prévost (perc) & John Tilbury (pno)) >MRCD70<

_15: 14 October 2006 :7 pm

Halal Kebab Hut >mp3<

Darío Bernal Villegas (dr) (4 sets) >mp3< >mp3< >mp3< >mp3<

Angharad Davies (vln) & Dominic Lash (db) >mp3<

Jamie Coleman (trp), Ross Lambert (gt), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Seymour Wright (sax) >mp3<

_14: 10 June 2006 :7 pm

James Bull (fl), Jennifer Allum (vln), Firat Altay, Emmanuel Lorien (unspec) & Jean-Michel Unglas (chapman stick) >mp3<

Armin Sturm (db), Jerry Wigens (clt) & Nicolas Christian (bass, objects) >mp3<

bouche bee - Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice+electr) & Petri Huurinainen (guit) >mp3<

María Emilia Ismael Simental (vln) & Darío Bernal Villegas (dr) >mp3< >mp3<

Laburnum - Paul Hood (turntables), Blase Roccisano (guit) & Michael Rodgers (guit) >mp3< >mp3<

John Edwards (db) >mp3<

_13: 01 April 2006 :7 pm

David Casal (pno, laptop) >mp3<

Angharad Davies (vln), Matt Davies (trp, laptop) & Ben Drew (laptop) >mp3<

Christopher Redgate (ob) & Roger Redgate (vln) >mp3<

John Drever (laptop) & Lawrence Upton (voc) >mp3<

Steve Beresford (electr.) & Guy Harries (fl, laptop) >mp3< >mp3<

_12: 28+29 January 2006

Hubbub (Frederic Blondy (pno), Berntrand Denzler (s), Jean-Luc Guionett (s), Jean-Sebastien Mariage (gt), Edward Perraud (dr)) & Jamie Coleman (tr), Ross Lambert (gt), John Lely (unspec), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) and Seymour Wright (s)

_11: 10 December 2005 :7 pm >top<

Samantha Rebello (fl) & Tara Stuckey (cla) >mp3<

Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Michael Young (pno, electr) >mp3<

OM (vib), Jerry Wigens (cla) & Stefano Tedesco (electr) >mp3< >mp3<

Tania Chen (pno) & Li-Chuan Chong (laptop) >mp3<

_10: 30 April 2005 :7 pm

Ben Kamen (gt, electr)

Jamie Coleman (tmp), Sebastian Lexer (pno, electr) & Eddie Prévost (perc) >mp3<

BrownSierra (electr) >mp3<

Steve Noble (dr), Kafe Matthews (laptop) & Joe Williamson (db) >mp3<

__9: 20 February 2005 :4 pm

Catherine Kontz (pno) & Henry Vaxby (g) - "Woollen Laces" >mp3<

Li-Chuan Chong (laptop) >mp3<

Lely White (electr) >mp3<

Andrew Morgan, Lukas Pearse & Roger Redgate >mp3<

Michael Rodgers >mp3<

__8: 02 October 2004 :7 pm >top<

Sean Baxter (dr), David Brown (guit) & Anthony Pateras (prep. pno) >mp3<

9 ! : Nathaniel Catchpole (ts), Ross Lambert (g), John Lely (electr), Sebastian Lexer (pno, laptop), John Lithman (laptop), Eddie Prévost (perc), Sam Rebello (fl), Tara Stuckey (cl) & Seymour Wright (as).

9 ! + Natasha Anderson (fl, laptop), Sean Baxter (dr), David Brown (guit) & Anthony Pateras (prep. pno) >mp3<

__7: 26 June 2004 :7 pm

FURT - (Paul Obermayer (electr) & Richard Barrett (electr)) >mp3<

John Tilbury (pno), John Edwards (db) & Sebastian Lexer (pno, laptop) >mp3<

Phil Durrant (laptop) & Mark Sanders (dr) >mp3<

Ian Stonehouse (gt) & Graham Wakefield (laptop) >mp3<

__6: 27 March 2004 :7 pm

Mette Bille (voice), Tim Blackwell (sax, laptop), Panos Gikhas (vln) & Michael Young (laptop) >mp3<

Dominic Murcott (vibes + laptop) >mp3<

Jeff Cloke (electr), Sebastian Lexer (pno, laptop), Tony Moore (cello) & Guillermo Torres (trp) >mp3<

Alastair Leslie (laptop) & Ivan Seal (laptop) >mp3<

__5: 10 May 2003 :7 pm >top<

Panos Gikhas (vln) & Roger Redgate (vln) >mp3<

Sebastian Lexer (pno + laptop) & Michael Young (pno + laptop) >mp3<

Alex James (piano frame) & OM (vibes)

Daniel Beban (g), Margarida Garcia (e-db) & Nishide Takehiro (g) >mp3<

__4: 15 March 2003 :7 pm

The World Book - Ross Lambert, John Lely & Seymour Wright

Sebastian Lexer (pno) & Romuald Wadych (unspec.) >mp3<

Nick Rothwell (laptop, electronic)

Tania Chen (pno) & Ian Stonehouse (laptop) >mp3<

__3: 25 January 2003 : 7pm

9 ! >CD<

Nathaniel Catchpole (ts), Jamie Coleman (tpt), Alex James (pno), Ross Lambert (g), John Lely (pno, electr), Sebastian Lexer (pno, electr), Marianthi Papalexandri (objects), Eddie Prévost (perc) & Seymour Wright (as).

http://www.matchlessrecordings.com/other_cd.html (9! has released a CD on Matchless Recording featuring studio recordings as well as parts of this concert)

Additional sets not included on the CD:
Nathaniel Catchpole, Ross Lambert and Eddie Prévost >mp3<
John Lely and Seymour Wright >mp3<
Ross Lambert and Marianthi Papalexandri >mp3<

__2: 5 July 2002 : 7 pm >top<

NathanielCatchpole (ts), Tim Goldie (dr), Ross Lambert (guit), Joel Stern (labtop) & Nishide Takehiro (unspecified) >mp3<

Jamie Coleman (trp), Alex James (pno) & Sebastian Lexer (pno + electr.) >mp3<

Michael Parsons - September 2001 (Michael Parsons - Piano, Sebastian Lexer - electronic)

Eddie Prévost (perc) >mp3<

__1: 9 March 2002 : 7 pm

Tom Chant (s), John Edwards (db) & Eddie Prévost (perc) >mp3<

John Cage: Electronic Music For Piano - perf: John Tilbury (pno), Sebastian Lexer (electronic) >mp3<

Li-Chuan Chong (laptop), Denis Dubovstev (s) & Sebastian Lexer (pno, laptop) >mp3<

John Lely (electr) >mp3<

Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri (objects)

>mp3< Use the direct link to the mp3 file to download it. The files are rather large, as all mp3s are the recordings of the complete set played in the concert. No edits or arranging, just the way it was!