The only INTERLACE in the year 2012 to mark 10 years of the series ...

the archive of earlier concert recordings can be found here.


Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall, Goldsmiths, New Cross, London

Monday 10 December 2012 : 7pm

Featuring free improvisations by

Ross Lambert guitar, Sebastian Lexer piano+
& John Wollaston electronics

Angharad Davies violin, Jane Dickson piano
& Ute Kanngiesser cello

John Butcher sax, John Tilbury piano
& Seymour Wright sax


entry: suggested donations £8, doors open 6:50 pm
contact: interlace at incalcando dot com
tel: 07932 566 378

venue: Great Hall, Goldsmiths, Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14
travel: Overground stations New Cross/New Cross Gate;
Bus: 21, 36, 321, 436, 53, 453, 171, 172, 177

This concert series is kindly supported by the EMS studio and Music Department at Goldsmiths with invaluable lendings of electronic equipment and consultancy!

This series is organised by Sebastian Lexer



10 December 2012 :7pm


Ross Lambert guitar, Sebastian Lexer piano+ & John Wollaston electronics

Angharad Davies violin, Jane Dickson piano & Ute Kanngiesser cello

John Butcher sax, John Tilbury piano & Seymour Wright sax



03 December 2011 :7pm


Angharad Davies violin, Jane Dickson piano & Daichi Yoshikawa electr

Grundik Kasyansky electronics & Sebastian Lexer piano+

Treehouse: Jamie Coleman trumpet, Ute Kanngiesser cello & Guillaume Viltard bouble bass




19 April 2010 :7pm



Heddy Boubaker sax, Grundik Kasyansky electronics


Jenny Allum violin, Jamie Coleman trumpet, Ute Kanngiesser cello
& Sebastian Lexer piano+


Steve Beresford piano, Heddy Boubaker sax
& Guillaume Viltard double bass


13 March 2010 :7pm


Jane Dickson piano & electronics & Claire Singer cello & electronics


Kanta Horio electronics

'inclusive improv' (Adam Jansch, Scott Hewitt, Samuel Freeman, Graham Booth laptop, Scott Mclaughlin cello)


Gabriel Humberstone percussion, Ross Lambert guitar & Grundik Kasyansky electronics


09 February 2010 :7pm



Phil Durrant laptop , Aleks Kolkowski Stroh violin, Edison phonograph, Tannoy horn and musical saw & David Toop flute, guitar & electronics


Christoph Schiller spinet & Sebastian Lexer piano+


Ute Kanngiesser cello , David O'Connor sax
& Eddie Prévost percussion  



09 January 2010 :7pm


Paul Abbott electr , Seymour Wright sax & Daichi Yoshikawa electr

Ross Lambert guitar

Jean-Luc Guionnet sax & Eddie Prévost perc



07 December 2009 :7pm



  Jamie Coleman trumpet

  Taku Unami unspec.

  Sebastian Lexer piano+, Eddie Prévost perc & Seymour Wright sax



21 November 2009 :7pm


    Following on from the Interlace concert on the 1st June 2009 that featured combinations of piano and saxophone, this installment focussed on different ways of combining piano, strings and electronics. Each individual's relationship with their instrument - and how their particular approaches and interactive skills are deployed in the context of particular trios - did doubtless produce some very interesting, and inevitably unique, results.

  Jenny Allum violin, Phil Somervell piano & Daichi Yoshikawa electr

  Paul Abbott electr, Ute Kanngiesser cello & Sebastian Lexer piano+

  Marjolaine Charbin piano, Grundik Kasyansky electr & Guillaume Viltard double bass



31 October 2009 :7pm *


    * Many thanks to Jerry Wigens for stepping in to curate this concert.

  Silvia Hallett violin/voice/electr., Thomas Kumlehn flute/vocal, John White electronics & Jerry Wigens guitar/clarinet

  John Lely unspec. & Tim Parkinson unspec

    Walter Cardew e-guitar, Horace Cardew woodwind, Androniki Liokoura piano, Celia Lu voice & Jennifer Raven flutes


18 July 2009 :7pm



mp3 mp3 mp3
  Tom Mudd Max/MSP & Lawrence Williams sax

  Kaj David piano & E. Lorien Spinelli laptop and processed objects

  Jane Dickson piano

  I-Chin Li piano + Max/MSP, Chien-Chun Li vocal, Ryo Ikeshiro guitar + Max/MSP & Guillaume Viltard double bass

  Jonathan McHugh Max/MSP & Mark Wastell tam tam



01 June 2009 :7.30pm


    a special edition which featured three saxophone and piano duos.

  Seymour Wright sax & Sebastian Lexer piano+

  John Butcher sax & John Tilbury piano

  Bertrand Gauguet sax & Frédéric Blondy piano



31 May 2008 :7.00pm



  Mike Bullock banjo, electr. , Jamie Coleman trumpet, Angharad Davies violin, John Lely unspec., Sebastian Lexer piano+, Seymour Wright sax

  The Lawn
Trinity College of Music Improv group
Directed by Mark Lockheart



24 May 2008 :7.00pm



  Sebastian Lexer piano+, Guillaume Vittard double bass & Jerry Wigens clarinet

  I-Chin Li piano + laptop, Junjun Li voice & Tom Mudd laptop

  From Honey to Ashes
Mick Grierson, Jeremy Keenan, Matt Lewis & Edgar Curtis laptops



23 February 2008 :7.00pm



  Jamie Coleman trumpet, Ross Lambert guitar, John Lely unspec., Sebastian Lexer piano+ & Seymour Wright sax

  Frédéric Blondy piano, Bertrand Gauguet sax & Martine Altenburger cello

  Martine Altenburger, Frédéric Blondy, Jamie Coleman, Bertrand Gauguet, Ross Lambert, John Lely, Sebastian Lexer & Seymour Wright



26 January 2008 :7.00pm



  Norman Adams cello & Christopher Redgate oboe

  Oli Mayne synth, & James O'Sullivan guitar

  Norman Adams cello, electr., Sebastian Lexer piano+ & Eddie Prévost percussion

mp3 mp3 mp3
  Christopher Redgate oboe, cor anglais


The concert series INTERLACE at Goldsmiths presenting free improvisation, electronics and interactive compositions to explore the relationship and role of technology within social structures.

INTERLACE runs in its ninth year and featured a wide range of international performers. It is a continuous series of concerts aiming at 3 or 4 times per year.

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tel: +44 7932 566 378


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